I was curious to experiment with a smaller fueselage and components but still build as a 5", so for my birthday I bought myself all the fixings.


The frame is the Realacc Furious 220mm racing kit that comes in at around 97g. It has 6mm arms and nice chamfored smooth edges. I knew the build challenge would be cramming all of my full sized goodies into this tiny fuselage, more on that later...

Video Transmitter

RaceDayQuads Mach 2, a great reliable, easy to use, powerful transmitter for a vary reasonalble price.


TBS Crossfire Micro, the standard in long(er) range flight for mini quads at the moment.


Runcam Eagle 2 16:9 Great camera and is matched to the resolution of my goggles the Fatshark Dominator V3s.

Flight Controller

Lumenier Asgard AIO Flight Controller (F4 FC, 4x 25A ESC, OSD, PDB, Curr) This is really the only thing that I saved space on was not having 4 additional ESCs sitting out on the arms. In addition to having a 4in1 ESC combo with flight controller it also has a built in PDB which make this an ultra compact solution.


Lumenier RB2206C-9 2450KV SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motors, these are super smooth and powerful.

Miscellaneous Parts

  • TBS Crossfire receiver antenna
  • Lumenier AXII VTX antenna
  • 3D Printed GoPro mount
  • Battery strap(s)
  • Zip ties
  • Mesh wire wraping
  • HQ Prop 5x4.3x3 VS1 Durable (Awesome propellers)


Overall a solid build. I ended up building it out in about three hours. Back to the point about the fuselage being so small (which was my intention in picking this frame) I am running a GoPro Hero 5 Session on the front so a top mounted battery was a no go I ended up running it as the optional underslung battery mount, which works perfectly fine btw you just end up landing on the skid plate which makes the quad tilt and come to rest on one of the arms usually. I would have preferred to keep the battery top mount and use 3M mouting pads on the unserside of each of the arms.