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GZIP Compression in a Nutshell

I finally have had some time to wrap my head around a number of lingering topics lately one of them being GZIP Compression. When the client (your browser) requests a page from a web server it sends along HTTP headers with the request, one of the header fields includes Accept Encoding: which tells the web server what [...]

Navigation Timing API

The Navigation Timing API introduces a JavaScript interface for gaining access into key insights into the performance times of each of the stages of page load. With over 21 attributes that break down page load, you can draw some interesting and informative conclusions about where your page or server times may be bottlenecking. As the [...]

Faster Websites

While working at Odopod for the past month or so one thing has become clear, performance! We are striving to make educated decisions about development and think critically about the future of our sites once they are released into the wild. I quickly wanted to share some findings that each have days worth of research [...]